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The 2 year Art & Design course at Pembrokeshire College gave me enough experience to study Art & Design further, at Carmarthen College (CCTA). After achieving a Foundation in Art & Design, I then went on to do a HND in Computer Graphics where I was introduced to the very first version of Adobe Photoshop, and what a disaster of a program that was; no undo's, no layers, it was an absolute nightmare to work with but at the same time it had some wonderful elements for design.
Once graduated, I pursued my career as a Designer. My first job was working as an Artworker in a Reprographic House where I learnt all about the printing industry and I was able to rub shoulders with the top designers in Pembrokeshire. After 5 years of working up to a Graphic Design position, I took a year out and travelled around Australia. I then moved to London and I worked for an agency called Parker Baines. I was involved in creating a monthly magazine for Big W (part of Woolworths) and Photography Styling; where my love of photography began.
Today, I freelance in Design and above you can see a small selection of old & new designs.